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Rochelle loves to create and hold beautiful spaces - inside and out - to use as the container to share a variety of offerings through classes, 1:1s and events. Rochelle likes to combine different tools and practices together that she has found helpful along her own journey. Sessions typically combine a mixture of yoga, journaling, earthing, oracle cards, tea, reiki and crystals.

Inspiration is drawn from nature – seasons, cycles, flowers, as well as positive affirmation, intention, poetry, philosophy, and Rochelle’s own experience of navigating the journey of life – all of which provide the theme to guide classes. Rochelle likes to provide a space and an energy that is nurturing, inspiring and beautiful, often brining in flowers and other gifts from the outside world to guide us to the inner magic.

Sessions are a time and space for you to step away from the busy world, take some time for yourself, and connect, reflect and receive.

Celebrate, fun, alternative....

Qualified as a yoga teacher in summer 2021....


Free Guides!

Free Guides!


Rochelle loves holding space on a one-to-one basis. Working in this way can enable us to explore a particular theme based around your needs in the present moment. For example, relaxation, self love, gratitude, play and fun. We will work together to understand your needs and what you would like to get out of a session. Our time together may involve yoga, holding space to listen, journaling prompts, oracle card readings, reiki (and if in person – crystals, tea and flowers!) Sessions can be held online, or face-to-face in your home or an outdoor space, or in Rochelle's garden (weather dependant)

Thank you to everyone who joined free 1:1s during July. Rochelle is continuing to offer 1:1 sessions for introductory prices during August as follows:

Personalised Yoga 1:1: £15 (or 4 for £50) during August

Sessions include some or all of: 45-60 mins

  • Meditation

  • Breathwork

  • Movement

  • Relaxation

Tailored Yoga & More 1:1: £33 during August

Sessions include all or a selection of: 60-75 mins

  • Space to listen, share and offload

  • Meditation

  • Breathwork

  • Movement

  • Relaxation

  • Reiki

  • Oracle card reading

  • Journaling prompts or affirmation to reflect on after the session

*COMING SOON* Bespoke 1:1 Garden Retreat

(More details coming soon....) - launch with bath/garden news?? -Garden - tea, bath - personalised bath ritual with fresh flowers, footbath, fire ritual, earthing, crystals, homemade snack... Autumn - letting go (link to more info on bath page? - Gallery/videos of space - outdoor bath experience. relaxation/meditation, Bath, fire, tea, chat, cards. Or yoga, foot bath, tea, journalling, reiki and crsytal treatment on the grass.... followed by a homemade snack and a gift for you to take home?? 90-120mins, £55? Pick flowers from the garden (seasonal/subject to availability)

Bath page...

Foot Bath Ceremony - one to one or group

-welcome, tea, chat, intro, intention

-meditation, breath

-journaling prompts - gratitude, let go, calling in, grounding, joy, creativity, fun, self love

-prepare bath

-foot blessing

-enjoy, snack, tea, cards

-final relaxation and close

(join with massage/reflexology/nail painting) - other

(add reiki treatment) (add yoga movement practice) - me

If you would like to book a session, please get in touch.

For more information, an initial chat or to schedule a session, please read the pre-booking notes below and get in touch.

Offer for those already taking part in sessions....4 yoga 1:1s for £44??



Soul Sundays (Online)

COMING SOON - Bi-weekly (2nd and 4th Sunday), 10.00am (UK time), via Zoom

Join from wherever you are in the world for some tender soul time every other Sunday. Sessions will generally correlate with the New Moon and Full Moon, and will be themed to guide you to set intentions for the month ahead and reflect and review anything that needs to be released.....

Contribution based for August.... You can make your desired contribution via PayPal here.​

As a (soon to be!) newly qualified teacher, Rochelle is currently sharing a weekly online session via contribution. This means you can come along for free, or if you would like to and are able, can make a contribution of your choice via PayPal. Sessions incorporate breath, meditation and movement, and are generally focussed around a particular topic. For more details and to join, please read the pre-booking notes below and get in touch.

COMING SOON! New Moon and Full Moon Sessions in Basingstoke - (Yoga & More with Rochelle)

Rochelle loves working with the moon cycles and would love to share some moon wisdom with you too! Join for two sessions each month (bi-weekly – dates, times and venue tbc) – one around new moon where we will focus on setting intentions for the month ahead, and one around full moon, an opportunity to check in and release what is no longer serving us. New moon sessions will be of higher energy and can also be suited well for the spring/summer phase of the menstrual cycle. Full moon sessions will be slower and can also be well suited for the autumn/winter phase of the menstrual cycle. There will be time for movement, meditation and breathwork, as well as for journaling, reflecting, enjoying tea, pulling oracle cards, and connecting with others, before a final relaxation. Pricing: Your first month (2 sessions) intro price: £11. Thereafter, £22 per month (or £11 per session). Concessions £7 per session (negotiable). Register your interest and sign up to receive further details.

Self Care Fridays

Self Care Fridays (In Person)

COMING SOON, Basingstoke, Friday 6.00pm, venue tbc

Reserve a spot

As the world begins to open up again, many of us are grateful for the opporuntiyt to be out in the community and socialising again. But it can feel alot, especially when we're not used to it. Join Self Care Fridays for an alternative kind of evening out - one just for you - full of nurturing, relaxation and love! To be honest, even before the pandemic, this was my kind of Friday evening! :)

Time at the end to chat to one another, enjoy tea and maybe a little treat!


Upcoming events (In Rochelle's sacred garden space)...

Flower Foot Bath Circle - Autumn/Winter 2021 - reserve a spot £11? Sept? (Bath page - link to here to book)

Letting Go Fire Ceremony Ritual (Moon/autumn) Oct?

New Year Garden Party? 8th Jan? - Fire, tea, chat, share any intentions (free?)

Reserve spot/register interest/sign up to newsletter to find out more


Bespoke events and collaborations

If you'd like to collaborate on an event or arrange a bespoke gathering together (such as an alternattive hen or brithday party), please get in touch! I'm very excited to develop the details for this offering soon, but in the meantime, I wpould love to hear from you and create some magic together. I have so many visions... teacups, beatiful outdoor venues, lots of flowers...our own little festival :D

What I can bring to the party:

- Yoga (meditation, movement, relaxation, breathwork)

- A variety of practices and rituals including earthing, journalling, setting iontentions and affirmations

- Reiki

- Oracle card decks for card intuitive card readings

- A selection of cushions, blankets to get you nice and comfy

- A variety of pretty things to make the space beautiful - flowers, crystals etc.

- Basins for flower foot bath ritual

- Tea and cute teacups

- Flowers, seeds and plants for a variety of fun activities including flower mandalas, planting, wreath making, flower crowns, arranging flowers

- Baths for pop-up outdoor guided bath rituals!!

- An abundance of love and positivity :)

Offers from other beautiful women I can collaborate with to bring something else to the celebration:

- Cacao ceremony

- Massage

- Reflexology

- Aromatherapy

- Yummy snacks

- Sound healing

Pre-booking notes - Please note:

It is recommended that you check with your Doctor or other relevant medical professional before participating in yoga, especially if you have any medical conditions, injuries or pregnancy. Whilst participating, you should listen to your own body and limitations, and not enter any postures, movement or activity that causes pain or severe discomfort. All guidance shared is optional, and you are welcome to backout or skip any part of classes. Rochelle is not a medical professional or Counsellor. As such, she cannot provide advice and may signpost to other medical professionals or services, including your GP. If you have any medical conditions, injuries, or are pregnant, please let Rochelle know before booking into a class, and please be aware that it may be suggested that sessions are not suitable for you at this time. In such cases, where possible, Rochelle may be able to signpost to other teachers who may have particular relevant training to accommodate your needs.

Covid safety: Please ensure you abide by current covid guidelines, including socially distancing from other attendees, wearing a face covering when appropriate, and using hand sanitiser. Any borrowed items will be appropriately cleaned before/after use. If you have covid or any covid-related symptoms, please do not attend (a refund will be issued).

Incense and allergies: Please let Rochelle know if you have any allergies or are not comfortable with incense or other items being burned or used during sessions.





What should I expect?

Rochelle aims to create a nurturing, safe, beautiful space. A space for you to receive all that you need in that moment – be that connection, movement, reflection or relaxation. Sessions are typically not strong posture-based active classes, but rather more fluid, free and gentle. Sessions are also not 100% yoga or movement – but rather an offering of different tools and techniques. Rochelle takes more of a circle based approach – where people can connect with one another, interact and feel part of a community. Class offerings are just that – optional. If you need to rest, journal and listen to the music, that’s fine. If you want to move and breathe and choose an oracle card to guide your practice, that’s also fine. Ultimately it’s about you tuning in to what you need at the particular time, and Rochelle helping to facilitate and guide that.

Get a feel for what working with Rochelle is like from others who have worked with her.


Please feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions or would like to chat