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Meet Rochelle

Rochelle is an earth-lover, a romantic, a creative, a writer, an explorer. She is a deep, passionate, curious soul, forever learning, growing and evolving as her highest and brightest self, sharing her lessons along the way.

Deeply in love and inspired by the natural world - colours, flowers, seasons, cycles - Rochelle loves creating and sharing beauty and sacred space as the ultimate container to surrender to the noise of the everyday world and connect to your inner magic. Through Rituals by Rochelle she brings this to you - sharing tools, practices, and space to find grounding, healing, love and nurturing - to find that wonderful inner light and live your most joyous life!

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"Create sacred space, connect to your whole self, live your sparkliest life"




Bath Rituals

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Bath Circles

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Flowers & Affirmations

Adorn your sacred space with the beauty, magic and wonder of flowers combined with the power of positive words to uplift, inspire and bring smiles to your day

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Words of Love

"Rochelle is so very creative. She is definitely a wordsmith and articulate. Rochelle is a keen leader and has great attention to detail and is very organised. She has a positive outlook on life and avoids negative energy/situations."

"Your greatest natural skills and attributes are positivity, kindness, honesty and being true to yourself."

"Rochelle has a beautiful ability to instil a sense of calm. She has a wonderful creative flair and a mesmerising talent with words."


"You have a creativity that you bring to everything you do. You are inclusive (you think and care about everyone and never leave anyone behind). You are confident and considerate."


"You are a gentle teacher of life. You have a great way of making people feel comfortable and included. You're a ray of sunshine!"


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