Finding My Way

Finding joy in structuring my own days

I had a stirring somewhere deep within. Somewhere inside I knew this wasn't it.

I wasn't happy.

I wasn't happy commuting for hours, getting paid very little, overdoing it, feeling burnout, lost, depressed, anxious.

Somewhere within I knew there must be a different way.

A way that felt more joyful. More easeful, fluid, flowing. A way that was creative, flexible. A way where I found love for the everyday. A way that was about living and loving. A way that was more me.

But back then I didn't know who me was.

I spent years healing. Therapy, exploring, discovering, trying.

And in recent years I uncovered that person once again.

I learnt what she loved, what she wanted to bring to the world, what she was passionate about, how she worked, how to nurture her.

And I started dreaming up visions and ideas for the work I wanted to birth into the world.

Working from the bath!

At the start of this year I got more serious with the idea of bringing these creations to life.

But it was scary. I was doing this big thing. Stepping out into the world doing something different. The word 'business' was super daunting - I (thought) I didn't know anything about it! In fact, I pushed it away because it seemed too formal, too masculine, too structured, rigid - everything I had worked hard to move away from.

And just like that, in perfect divine timing I discovered Vienda Maria's Her Way course. (In fact something brought it to me because it ticked all the boxes - timeframe, group format, affordable, really resonating topics, a good vibe - and I almost missed it!)

You know when you know - you're not quite sure what to expect, but you just know this is for you, you have to do it. That was this course.

And that gut feeling was 100% on point! It was so much more than I expected.

Vienda has the most incredible way of teaching, sharing, guiding, holding space. She's fun, realistic, informative. And real! Her lessons, insight and experiences really resonate. Every session is perfectly balanced and the group space is super inclusive and supportive. The course is practical, holistic and reflective, effortlessly weaving together the individual and your business (because let's face it, they are one!)

I came away filled with inspiration, a 'hell yes I can so do this' energy, and one of the most valuable things - a super supportive community of incredible women around the world who I am still in touch with now and continue to shape and empower my journey.

If you, like me have a yearning for a different way, an itch to share something - your unique thing with the world, a desire to start your own thing, the Her Way course could be transformative for you too.

If you're feeling the call, you can sign up here.

And as a thank you for signing up through me, I'd love to gift you a free 1:1 session!

We can talk business, ideas and dreams, you can receive a tailored meditation, movement, or relaxation session to support you on this journey, or we might like to reflect on shifting blocks, working with journaling prompts and receiving guidance through oracle cards!

Why am I sharing and promoting this? I want to be honest - as you may have gathered, the link I am sharing here is an affiliate link - meaning that you would also be supporting me with your investment in the course. But I'm also being super honest in that this course has been really beneficial to me. I would only ever share what I truly believe in. The way I see it is win-win-win for everyone - we're all supporting one another to rise and bloom into our highest and truest expressions. Sharing Vienda's work means more people who could benefit, can. Ultimately meaning you grow, I grow, Vienda and her valuable messages and lessons grow, and all of us together help society and the world to grow, heal, transform into more beauty, truth, flow and authenticity.

If you're embarking on this exciting journey too, welcome! Sending you so much love, and please know I am here. You got this! :D xx

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