Lessons from Gardening

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Often we want something different.

Perhaps a new lifestyle, a new career, a new way of being.

Often we don't know where to begin. Or we want to see the end result before we start. The 'perfect' end picture. But we can't. So we put it off all together. I've been there.

The journey of this garden represents one of my biggest lessons so far.

Evolution. Trust. Having a go. One step at a time. Following what feels inspiring. Letting it unfold. Going with the flow. Dreaming, having a vision, patience, perseverance.

Outside space and plants are so important to me. And since being in this home, I've loved tweaking, pottering, designing, creating and being in this space. But it wasn't a dramatic makeover. And it didn't happen overnight. And to be honest, I didn't have an overall vision at first.

It took baby steps and smaller ideas that gradually fitted together.

To begin, I wanted privacy, intimacy - I put up a fence. Then I knew I wanted some grass to place my feet on the earth. I had always wanted to create a special space for my bath. I love water so I created a pond. The shed was damp and rotten - the new one has a greenhouse because I've always wanted to grow seeds. The pagoda had some hooks in and I thought I'd try a hammock...

It's grown over time. One thing has led to another. I've followed what I love. And more than 2 and a half years later, this is what its evolved into. I've loved the process and being with the space as its unfolded. And for as long as I'm blessed to be enjoying this corner of the earth, it will continue to evolve and change. One of the great beauties of gardening, is that it is never 'finished'.

Another lesson is letting go and experimenting. To create this garden, I've had to learn to connect with it - the light, the seasons, learning what plant likes it where. And I've had to respect that - surrendering when things don't work, but also finding joy when they do. I will always be learning here. Learning, growing, expanding. And also enjoying, refuelling, finding grounding, connection, gratitude.

I get that it can feel overwhelming and scary making any change. I get that the easier option is perhaps not beginning. I get that it can feel messy and uncertain. But this right here is my reminder of all the joy and beauty that can be found when surrendering to just having a go and seeing where it may lead.

Creating and caring for a garden is not just my creative outlet, it's also my sanctuary and my teacher. Perhaps then, its easy to see to see why I love it all so much.

Hugely grateful for it all.

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