Some Ideas For Practicing Self Love

A girlfriend recently reached out to me feeling tired and in need of some ideas for giving herself some extra love. I'm sharing them here in case they're helpful for you too. Take what's helpful, leave what's not, and remember, it's all a practice! Although I've learnt a lot about self love, I am still always learning new depths! And often I need reminding of these ideas too. The journey of love, self, balance, is a constantly evolving one.

  • Take yourself on a date! A mindful walk, out for coffee, to see that film you've been wanting to see, visit your favourite café for lunch, go to that exhibition you've had your eye on. Take some time to fill up your cup with a change of scenery, something a bit different to the norm.

  • Buy yourself some beautiful fresh flowers! For me these are the ultimate treat, gift, symbol of love! Enjoy choosing them, smelling them, admiring them, displaying them in your vase - and stop and smile to yourself every time you walk past.

  • Enjoy a nice long bath! Ok, an obvious one from me here! I'm a keen advocate for the magic of bathing as you know! Take some tea, put on some calming or uplifting music, maybe even treat yourself to some nourishing lotion to enjoy afterwards! And of course, if you want a more holistic guided experience, there's always the Self Love Bath Ritual!

  • Check in with yourself regularly - Can you take just 10 minutes at the start, middle and end of the day to check in with yourself - how you're feeling, what you're grateful for, what you need right now. It's a great way to slow down, connect and adjust.

  • Allow yourself to rest - Take some time to chill - maybe a nice warm tea or cacao curled up on the sofa, a blanket, a hot water bottle, a good book. Intentional rest, away from your phone. Remember you don't have to be on the go or 'productive' all the time - rest when you need to, being especially mindful of your monthly cycle.

  • Journal, breathe, meditate - 3 fabulous ways to process and understand how we're feeling or what we're working through. Writing can help clear the mind to find some quiet, and that can help us move into a meditation space. Breathwork can be incredibly grounding, calming or energising - it really can alter how we're feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Wiggle and move - stretch, roll, dance, walk, run - it doesn't matter - but tuning into our physical body can help shift stagnant energy and help us feel more energised, relaxed, refreshed.

  • Write down some beautiful loving affirmations for yourself - I am wonderful, I am doing great, I am whole - and dot them around to remind you - post-it on your mirror, note on your phone, love-note on your fridge

  • Batch cook some of your favourite meals - so when you're tired, bleeding, working late or not feeling like cooking you've got some loving home-cooked nutrition straight out of the freezer!

  • Treat yourself to a nurturing treatment or class - a massage, reiki session, facial, spa session, manicure! If finances don't allow for this right now maybe you can grab your favourite moisturiser or oil and try self massage, spend some time doing your nails with a new polish. Alternatively, how about a cacao circle or meditation class - a beautiful way to both receive and connect with others.

  • Do something you love, just because! Forget the outcome or aim, the purpose is to simply enjoy and have fun - paint, draw, dance - just because you love to! When we move away from a need to do or achieve, we can move into a flow state - a joyous place of bliss and freedom to play and explore!

  • Get clear on your boundaries - and know you can say no! Ok, this can be tough, and is certainly one I'm still working on - but establishing what works for us and what doesn't, and being able to express that is incredibly empowering. From taking time to respond to messages to choosing who and how we spend our time and energy - it's ok to say no, change our minds, do differently.

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