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Bath Ritual Experience Kits

Give yourself or a loved one the gift of time, beauty and love with a bath ritual kit containing all you need to create your very own oasis, sanctuary, you time.

Each kit contains a variety of beautiful carefully selected tools to create your bath, audio guidance to create your sacred space, a guided meditation to fully immerse yourself within the experience, and support to integrate your bath experience into the everyday - through affirmation, journaling or meditation. 

This is not simply a bath. Bath ritual kits are a fully immersive experience for the whole self - mind, body and soul, carefully curated to work with a specific intention to bring magic and wholeness to your life.

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Create Your Own Sacred Space


A selection of some of Rochelle's favourite items to create sacred space. From handmade dried flower arrangements that she's crafted, crystals that she's loving infused with reiki, to hand-written affirmations and ritual sets. Select the tools that most speak out to you, and create your very own scared space - a special place for you to connect and feel the magic within in your own time and space.


Self Love Bath Ritual