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Time & Space For You

Rochelle loves to create and hold beautiful spaces - inside and out - to use as the container to share a variety of offerings through classes, 1:1s and events. Rochelle likes to combine different tools and practices together that she has found helpful along her own journey. Sessions typically combine a mixture of yoga, journaling, earthing, oracle cards, tea, reiki and crystals.

Inspiration is drawn from nature – seasons, cycles, flowers, as well as positive affirmation, intention, poetry, philosophy, and Rochelle’s own experience of navigating the journey of life – all of which provide the theme to guide sessions. Rochelle likes to provide a space and an energy that is nurturing, inspiring and beautiful, often bringing in flowers and other gifts from the outside world to guide you to the inner magic.

Sessions are a time and space for you to step away from the busy world, take some time for yourself, and connect, reflect and receive.

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