End of Year Reflections - 2021

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

As a dear friend put it - 2021 has rocked my world and set me up to fly high in 2022! And I couldn't agree more! It's been a year with multiple shifts and changes - a year that has profoundly changed me as a person - a year that I will always remember and be eternally grateful for.
2021 is the year that I started my business, qualified as a yoga teacher, changed jobs, found new communities and friendships, created a new daily structure for myself and have undergone a lot of personal and inner work - shedding multiple out-dated layers!

And all this, I feel has been made possible by being a part of 2 wonderful containers that have held, supported, and nurtured my growth and development. I am immensely grateful to have spent 8 months of the year under the guidance and support of an incredible coach and mentor - Vienda Maria, and the wonderful Cocoon family she created, that I was so fortunate to be a part of. And of course, my wonderful yoga family - my yoga teacher training that came to an end this summer, under the wisdom and leadership of Dan Peppiatt. Another container and community of love and support that has shaped and grown me in ways beyond any expectation or imagination.

Both these experiences have enabled me to un-learn and re-learn new truths. Ways of being that actually serve me. They have shed light in places that needed love and attention, encouraging me to love and heal in new ways, shedding old skins, old ways of being, unhelpful patterns, limiting beliefs. They have shown me a way to live and believe that is expansive and fulfilling and enjoyable, not limited by fear and worry. They have empowered me to lean into the darkness - something I have been able to do because I so wholeheartedly trusted in them and felt the love, support and guidance of the communities I was blessed to be a part of. And I have learnt that with the right support and encouragement, I CAN. I have learnt that I am not alone - and one of the greatest gifts this year has been meeting new people from around the world, and building new nurturing, aligned relationships with people who lift me up. Both coaches have given me absolute full permission to be 100% myself. And they have redefined my idea of safety. Little by little I've been able to reach out of my comfort zone, try, have a go - and experience the transformation that this offers! They have offered new perspective, new possibilities. A different way to live and be. Ways that feel more aligned and serving. Living a life led by trust, flow, love, self care and devotion. My whole world has expanded, and I look at it with big, fresh, excited eyes - looking forward to 2022 and beyond with anticipation, joy and excitement!

Here I've shared some of my reflections as 2021 draws to a close and we get ready to welcome a new year. Over the next few days I'll be doing my own rituals to i) express love and thanks for all the opportunities and lessons that 2021 has brought, ii) release all that I won't be taking into 2022, and iii) call in my intentions for 2022. At the end of this blog you can also find some suggestions for doing your own end of year rituals.

What I am grateful for/key milestones of 2021

  • Starting Rituals by Rochelle and having a supportive community to share it with

  • Starting an online shop and selling in my local café

  • Joining Vienda Maria's Her Way course and Cocoon

  • Completing my yoga teacher training with Dan Peppiatt

  • Finding new community, friendship, support around the world

  • Leaving my job and finding a new one

  • Creating and launching my website

  • Completing my outdoor bath and garden design vision and space

  • Sharing yoga online and in my garden

  • Writing external articles

  • Establishing links, community, friendship, familiarity with my Seychellois roots

  • Creating and sharing my first bath ritual

  • Well embedded daily practices

  • Lots of personal inner work, growth, lessons, shifts and reflection - boundaries, relationships, communication, confidence, decisions, new projects

Key lessons 2021 has brought

  • The right support and community is invaluable - surrounding ourselves with people who inspire, encourage and lift us up makes a huge difference to what we can do and achieve.

  • To move with momentum, flow, trust and love. To have a go, to let go of the idea of perfection - working with the mantra that done is better that perfect - it's about moving, starting, creating change - without always needing to see an end picture. I'm grateful to see Rituals by Rochelle continue to grow and change and evolve as I continue to share, learn and refine as I go.

  • I can! I am stronger and more powerful and capable than I know! And that what I have to share is valued. It's ok to be me, just as I am!

  • Change is always possible! It's never too late - to enquire, review and rewrite old patterns and beliefs. We can always reframe and redefine a truth that is more aligned to us today. Anything is possible and belief is a powerful thing! Things are always changing, and we can forever learn, grow and bloom into our highest selves. I've been noticing and reviewing relationships, boundaries, my relationship to the masculine. And I've been working hard to reframe a daily structure that works for me.

  • Mindset, breath and intention - are hugely powerful. Carving out intentional time for myself each day is hugely powerful in assisting me to recalibrate, heal, un-learn and re-learn. It's given me the space and clarity to tune in, feel and re-train myself to a more calm and loving, trusting existence.

  • I don't need permission, validation or approval to feel loved, accepted or worthy

  • I've been reminded how much I love to explore, be outside, and experience new places, and it feels like more travel is on the cards. Fresh air, nature are highly valuable to me. And these things greatly affect me, how I feel, and how I show up in the world.

  • Sometimes we need to go back to move forwards, and it's ok to ask for help. This year I have worked a lot on healing old and limiting thought patterns, beliefs and behaviours, and it's asked me to look deep within to heal. A big part of this was going back to my teen years and I have retraced my steps back to school, reaching out to old friends, and making sense of the past - in order to help me navigate a new way moving forwards. And, after coming to terms with the fact that it really wasn't a backwards step, but instead actually a hugely positive, nurturing and wise thing to do, I also went back to my therapist this year to ask for help.

  • It is possible to manifest affluence, abundance, and change our relationship with finances

  • Labels are non-sense. Everyone belongs everywhere. I've had some continued struggle with my sense of belonging, but I feel happy to have established a greater connection to my heritage and the steps I have taken to plan a trip to the Seychelles, which I know will be a really pivotal time for me. But making friendships globally this year, it's really struck me, as much as some like to differentiate and categorise - we're actually all just people, and don't need to be labelled. Where we're from is a huge and important part of who we are, but it doesn't need to define us; we are shaped and influenced by many factors.

  • There is always lots to be thankful for. Practicing gratitude regularly is another hugely powerful and transformational tool. Smiling at the breath we are taking or the tree in the window can really shift our energy.

  • Rest and time with myself is productive and essential

  • I must do my best to care for the planet - without loosing hope

  • I don't have to have all the answers now, in the moment. It's ok to sit with something, observe, notice, feel, and trust that in divine timing, the guidance and route will appear.

Things I'm letting go of and leaving in 2021

  • Self doubt

  • Hiding

  • Not speaking up

  • Fear and lacking mindset

  • Seeking validation and approval externally

  • Holding other people's sh*t

  • Putting others before me

  • People, relationships, situations that don't lift me up

  • Overthinking

  • Trying to people-please

  • Those who doubt me, don't believe, are led by negativity

  • Unnecessary baggage and stuff

  • Giving away/people taking my power, light, energy

Some things I'm manifesting and calling in for 2022 and beyond

  • Travel, adventure, exploration, sunshine

  • A home by the sea with close access to nature and the ability to watch the sun rising and setting each day

  • Soul connections, community, friendships - opportunities to socialise and meet people, try new things, be connected to and supported by others

  • Confidence, courage, self belief, self trust

  • Fun, joy, laughter, love, pleasure, creativity

  • Good health

  • Financial affluence and abundance

  • Accessible opportunities to participate in courses, classes, events, trainings, talks - to continue to grow, learn, be supported

  • Putting my needs and desires first

  • Fun, aligned ways to earn plenty of income

  • A successful, growing, supportive business and opportunities to collaborate, create, share new projects and ideas

  • Regular self care treatments/investments

  • Nutritious food

  • Eco-friendly living

  • Healthy boundaries

Some suggestions for preparing your own end of year rituals:

- Create your own sacred space - maybe using a candle, crystals, etc., and arrive in your space by connecting in with your breath and intention

- Spend some time reflecting on the following journaling prompts:

What am I grateful for / what have been the key milestones of 2021

What lessons has 2021 brought

What can I release and leave in 2021

What am I calling in for 2022

- Sit in and feel into your sense of gratitude - place your hands on your heart and breathe into your heart space, smiling gently to yourself

- Write down all you are releasing onto a piece of paper. Acknowledge and thank these things for how they have served you until now, and invite them to now leave and return to the earth. Bury, tear or safely burn the list.

- On another piece of paper, spend some time (perhaps with different pens/colours) to map out or note down everything you would like to cultivate in 2022. Keep this somewhere prominent and regularly refer back to it - focus your attention and energy on those things you would like to create, and know that you can come back to this at any time to refine, add to and edit what you are calling in. Throughout the year, each full moon and new moon can be a good time to come back to this vision and reflect on anything else you need to let go or call in.

Sending you love and best wishes for 2022 and beyond! xx

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