My Number 1 Wellbeing Tip

I was recently asked this. At the time it was difficult to answer. Where did I begin? There was so much I could say. But when I reflected on it, I realised it's not difficult at all. And I was so thankful to have been asked - to remind me just how powerful and transformational this daily practice has become - so much so that it's become second nature - it's one of those things that's now so integrated in my life, that I almost forget it's a thing - it's just what I do.

Every single day I make time for me. I spend time with me. Some days it's 5 minutes, others it's several hours. It's become a non-negotiable, a standard part of my daily routine, as important as eating lunch or brushing my teeth.

And the thing is, if someone had told me just 5 years ago to spend time with myself each day I would have looked quite puzzled and probably even laughed! What do they mean? What would I do? What is the point? Why? I hated being in my own company! I was afraid of silence. I constantly looked for something to do... I realise now it was all a distraction.

Being alone with myself has taught me so much. It's opened up a whole new world. A world of healing, of discovery, of fulfilment - and now I don't just look forward to it, I actually crave it! It's essential to my healthy and happy functioning each day.

You see, being alone, has allowed me to get to know me. Who I am, what I like and dislike, what I want, how I want to show up in the world. It's enabled me to explore, try things out, get creative. To have fun! To do things with no agenda or purpose. To be rather than do. I've learnt that I'm an empath, highly sensitive, my astrology. I've connected with my emotions and feelings. I've become aware, intentional, mindful. It's enabled me the time and space to process, to be slower, to understand the world, to understand myself. I've tracked my menstrual cycle, I've observed the affects of different foods and activities on my behaviour. I've found new hobbies. I've found joy in new depths. Genuine joy. I've observed and reflected and meditated. I've danced. I've bathed. I've gardened, I've walked. I've made. I've written. I've breathed and I've moved. I've cried and I've laughed. I've learnt to connect with my heart and the world around me. I've channelled ideas and chatted with the Universe. I've admired and watched. I've offloaded and I've processed. From a place of being scared and disconnected and lost, I have cultivated the deepest, richest relationship - with myself. And my whole world and experience of life has lit up as a result.

And this is perhaps then, why I love to create sacred space - because it enables all of this to happen. A precious, inspiring, beautiful container for various daily practices.

Getting to where I am today - checking in with myself regularly and making time and space for myself on a daily basis has taken time. It's been a process and a journey, of course. But I also know and love that its a constant daily practice. Not only does it help me be my best self, it also forever teaches me new things. It helps me see and understand the world it new ways. It truly is holistic, mind, body and soul nourishment that can so easily be accessed every single day. It brings healing, joy, inspiration, ideas, peace, understanding, connection. It enables creativity, playfulness, fun, exploration, learning, discovery. It supports in finding grounding, clarity, perspective, making sense of the world. It helps to recharge, refuel, rest, reconnect with yourself and establish healthy boundaries. I haven't found anything else that provides such gifts. And all it requires is the gift of time, to yourself.

Just 5 minutes a day can turn to 10, 15, 30, an hour. A calming breathing exercise, a mindful walk on your lunch break, a yoga class, journaling what's on your mind, keeping a gratitude list, creating a bath, feeling your feet on the earth, admiring a flower or a crystal, watching a candle, listening to the birds, noticing the changing seasons, giving yourself a massage, stretching, listening to your favourite music, dancing around the house. Doing something for yourself. Taking time out from the chores, the busy day. Allowing yourself to just be present. To notice. To feel. To do something you love. Just because. And the beauty is that there are so many different rituals and practices to play around with and explore to find what resonates and works for you. Practices that will likely change and evolve and develop, as you do, over time.

Making time for you - to be with you, to notice you, to learn about you, to love you - that is my number 1 wellbeing tip.

Self care, self love, self devotion and self honouring. Perhaps the most beautiful, sacred and powerful relationship and practice you will ever establish.

And this is what my work centres around. Making time and space for ourselves to become more and more aware. Observing, tuning in, recognising and knowing ourselves. Understanding what we may need in any given moment, and having a toolbox of different practices to respond to that. One day we may need to retreat and rest, in another moment we may need to get outside and be with nature to find clarity or inspiration. Becoming so self aware that we can constantly make loving, informed choices for ourselves, feel the magic within and all around, and live our best lives.

My 1:1 sessions are time and space just for you, to begin to explore this. Together we will chat through what is coming up for you right now and anything you'd like to explore - gratitude, rest, letting go, manifesting... I create a tailored a session based on your theme using a variety of tools - journaling, mantra, meditation, breath, intention, reflection, movement, oracle cards, reiki, and hold space for you to talk, share and offload. I also have a shop of carefully chosen tools to help you create your very own sacred space and practices at home - incense, journals, crystals and more. And soon I'm very excited to share a variety of bath experiences - my ultimate scared space for a variety of rituals that bring so much magic and love! An immersive and holistic mind, body, soul experience combining sacred water, beautiful nature, guided meditation, tea and other treats, plus suggested practices to integrate your experience and intention into the everyday. Stay posted to find out more, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like further information.

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