Showing Up For Ourselves is Showing Up For Others Too

Being there to nurture, support and love others means being there to nurture, support and love ourselves too.

Much of my time has looked like this recently. Quiet time alone in reflection. Writing, contemplating, reflecting. Breathing, resting, meditating.

Around the last full moon a lot came up for me around relationships, interactions, communication, self expression - How I show up and share myself in the world. A lot of stuff rising to the surface to be seen, loved, healed, processed. I plan to share more of these reflections and observations in another post.

What's got me through this time is holding space for myself. Allowing myself the time and space to feel it all. Letting it all rise, seeing it, allowing it. Welcoming it with a loving heart. To understand it. And then release it. I've been gentle with myself. I've stepped back from interactions and allowed myself to be alone. Some days I've laughed, sung, danced. Others I've cried, written, bathed. It's been a bit like my own silent retreat. And it's been powerful. Giving to myself in this way - one of the best gifts I could receive.

And on Friday I went deeper in my receiving - receiving reiki from another soul. As I prepared my own sacred space, I was reminded of the power and the magic of such self devotion and self honouring. Showing up for ourselves and allowing ourselves to receive is one of the most beautiful acts of self care and love. Even if we have our own tools and rituals to self soothe, self process, self heal, there is also importance in surrendering, giving to ourselves, and allowing ourselves to be held in the container and love of another.

Over the years I have become my own healer in many ways. I have learnt and formed a relationship with myself like no other. I have got to know and understand myself deeply. A rich, intimate and profound relationship. I have found love and compassion and understanding for all that I am. I have learnt how to give to myself, how to process, how to rest, how to work through challenges, how to find joy...

And there still also comes a time to be open and trust in the surrendering to receive from another.

Showing up for myself in these ways enables me to continually look after myself. To grow through lessons and challenges. To continually unfold into the best version of myself. And in taking radical self care of myself in these ways - means I can also show up to support others to do the same too.

Healing, growth, personal development is a continual journey. A continual shedding of the layers. A continual navigation to the very core of our being. A continual practice of processing, understanding, moving through, reviewing, tweaking. In my option the work is never 'done'. As we travel we get deeper and deeper into our own self devotion and learning. We continually bloom and shine in new ways, new depths. And its these lessons and journeys that continually shape us, and that we can continually share to help guide and support others too. Healing, inner work - its not about being finished to then help others - its about continually nurturing our own paths and recognising and giving to ourselves in a way that also enables us to be there for others. We're all in this wonderful journey of life together. And being there for me, means being there for you too. We navigate this together and we help each other grow. But always first, it must start with us. We cannot be there and hold space for others if we haven't first tended to ourselves.

If you need guidance in creating and holding sacred space for yourself, or you would like space held for you, please get in touch. There are a range of tools on the website to support you in creating your own space, and I also offer 1:1 space either face to face or virtually, for you to share, move, breathe, write, reflect, relax. Also keep an eye on Instagram for the upcoming launch of the first Bath Ritual Experience - fully immersive time and space for mind, body and soul, guiding you to stop, notice and receive.

And please remember being there for you, showing up for yourself, giving to yourself, investing in yourself isn't at all selfish. It's necessary - crucial in fact, for our healthy and happy functioning in the world. To show up as your whole beautiful self, sharing your uniqueness, your gifts, your love. To give to you is to give to the whole world.

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